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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Cheeky Sod!

Ya know, you can bring the cow to the barn, but it can't milk itself!  And I know how many of my lactation readership, are pissing themselves at that one!

A certain Cowboy Jim, by the name of Alan Ryker, has just called me out!  All because he was too darn macho, to work out that a milking cow is going to be in a might of a predicament, if they ain't milked!  (Yes, I hear you spluttering.)

You can't help some people, ya' know.  Instead  of taking it on the chin, he's declared war.  I can only wonder how my words will be mangled by him, tomorrow, when he posts an interview with me.

Needless to say, he didn't declare war until AFTER he had the copy.  Perfidious yank.  And he thinks I'm insulted that he's upset that I knew more about lactation than he did!  Oh, I can hear half of you choke on your coffee.

Well, as I said to Mister Ryker, on his blog, BRING IT ON.  As well as that comma, btw.

Midnight Cowboy Versus the BM Godmother

I know who's gonna win.... 


  1. Hey, I'm channeling Cormac McCarthy over here. Who needs commas?!

  2. Wait, Cormac McCarthy is still alive... Who the hell am I channeling? Someone else who doesn't use commas I guess.

  3. Yeah, right, but what does all of this have to do with football?

    (former Texan)

  4. Kathleen, you do remember that to Morgan "football" is played with a black and white checkered ball by men in short shorts, right? ;)

  5. There's another sort? *looks innocent*