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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dreyfuss In Your Mind

I have to thank Angela on Goodreads, for what I consider to an excellent review of Changeling.  But more than that, for her stating that she sees Gavin Rossdale as Dreyfuss.  She posts this picture here:

and I thought "Hmm.. yes, I could see that as Dreyfuss..."  Then I did a web search, and found...


And I have to tell you, that is so good a match to Dreyfuss.  In his various aspects.  No doubt I could find more... does anyone know if Gavin Rossdale has done a film in Roman Armour?  Oh boy, with the longer, shaggier, bleached hair, that is so the human Dreyfuss, as opposed to the vampire one.

This is who my husband always wanted to play Dreyfuss:

Jason Carter
and I went with it, in my head, to a certain extent, as he would fit.  Although Jason has blue eyes. And I felt that Viggo Mortenson had the power to play him:

Viggo Mortenson
But from now on, if I'd asked who could play Dreyfuss, I've have to say that Gavin Rossdale is as close as I've seen, so far, in the Dreyfuss stakes  Not as he IS Dreyfuss, but if anyone could pull him off, across the centuries, I think this actor has the potential.  Thanks Angela!

Yes, this is Gavin Rossdale too.  

PS.  I'm quite sane.  :-)

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