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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Beauty and the Beast... Sample Sunday August 28th

There have been some excellent reviews of Changeling going up on Goodreads.  You might want to drop by and read them, before you read the following excerpt.  Mostly, because they do show that when I warn a reader of horrific, mind disturbing content.... I do not exaggerate, or give the warning as a tease.  Just a warning.

So be warned.  The following is strong stuff, and not for the faint-hearted.  As usual, this excerpt will be deleted out, during the week sometime.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Arden Coombe

Whilst we are discussing how things from the book look, one reader was wondering about Arden Coombe...

Almost Arden Coombe
Which is actually Poulton House, in Wiltshire.  No grass in the front of Arden Coombe, just the circular drive way.  At this angle, you cannot see the new extension to the back, of course.  Nor the garages, just off to the left hand of the picture.  Although Arden Coomb has no basement level visible at the front and the conservatory window/doors off from the back, not the side as in Poulton.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Dreyfuss In Your Mind

I have to thank Angela on Goodreads, for what I consider to an excellent review of Changeling.  But more than that, for her stating that she sees Gavin Rossdale as Dreyfuss.  She posts this picture here:

and I thought "Hmm.. yes, I could see that as Dreyfuss..."  Then I did a web search, and found...

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bedlam Maternity - Sample Sunday August 21st

This is a raw, first chapter, first draft and unedited.  When it's polished up for publication, I'll post the two side by side.  :-)

Chapter One

London 1754
            The rain had cleared some of the thick soot from the air of Seven Dials, but it had done nothing to reduce the stench from the streets.  The man scraped mud, rancid pig intestines and human shit off his boots, before slipping into the back door of the tavern.  He didn’t want to be seen, and not being seen often meant walking through the worst of the back alleys, ignoring the smell and the slime.  He was momentarily blinded by the thick layers of tobacco smoke that hung in the stagnant air.  It was of no matter, for his ears soon located his prey, the thick Scottish accents leading him to their table, tucked as far back as possible from any door way.  He seated himself without invite.
            The two men nodded greeting but the newcomer said nothing in return.  For a moment, silence fell between them.  The older Scot nudged the younger one, who rose and went to find service.  The silence remained until he returned and placed a pint pot of gin down on the rough wood of the bench that served as table.
            The newcomer lifted the pot up, and drank deeply, before saying ‘Thankin’ ye both kindly.’
            They both nodded their own reply, and waited out the other’s pleasure.  He drank half way down the pot, and then fumbled in his pockets, drawing out a pipe.  A few moments of searching revealed no tobacco.  Once again, the older man prompted the younger.
            ‘John, offer our friend here some o’yer baccy.’
            The younger man sighed, and fished out his leather pouch.  Faced with handing over the contents in a lump, or just handing over the pouch, he chose the latter, resigned to never seeing it again.  As he suspected, the man filled his pipe, tapped it, and pocketed the pouch.  John attended to taking a long draught of ale in order to cool his temper.
            The visitor filled the air up between them with thick streams of smoke.  It helped make them even more invisible, not that anyone else in the tavern was paying them the slightest attention.  You didn’t come in here if you required anyone to notice you.  The silence held until the newcomer leaned forward, encouraging the other two to lean in to attend to his words.
            ‘She be near her time, like I said.  Ahv spoked to the Mother, right, and she’s in agreement, for the right amount.’ He rubbed his fingers together for emphasis. ‘And she is happy to go somewhere special, since there’s two o’them.’
            The older man leaned in closer. ‘Yer sure, o’ the two?’
            ‘Aye.  No bother aboot it.  Ahv no seen her m’sel, mind, but the Mother says she’s seen twins afore, and it’s for sure.’  He sat back, content to have unloaded his information.
            The two Scots also sat back, in unison.  The younger attempting to swallow down a smug grin.  The older and more business hardened needed no effort to maintain his stone face, or the silence.  After several moments of drinking, and contemplating the streams of smoke, the elder spoke.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Escape can be a game too... Sample Sunday - August 14

Not the Sample Sunday excerpts I'd been hoping to put up, but when your other half spends several days in emergency cardiac care, having keyhole surgery, it's often hard to get to the 'to do' list.  (Thank you for all the kind words and wishes).

Again, this will be deleted by the end of the week.