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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sample Sunday June 3rd

A section later on in my new novella this week folks.  You got the opening sequence here.

 As it's a novella, you can count on seeing a few more excerpts of it as we go over the next couple of weeks.  However, I'm not giving you the whole story.  

Just to say how much I adore the character of Maryam Michael.  She fell fully formed onto the pages, and it's rare for a writer to be so completely besotted by a character as I am by Maryam.  I don't even feel she's mine, since she was born so completely, and utterly, fleshed out in one fell stroke of the pen.

Her back story is long and intricate and will be revealed through the series of stories that The Fool starts off for us, here.  I suspect that Maryam and Wyn Jones will become my most popular, and commercially sellable, of my stories.  There is just something so darn appealing abut them, individually and collectively.  Enough of my writerly foolishness.  I present Maryam, and her occult world of deceit and danger:

Excerpt from The Fool.  Maryam Michael has arrived in London and been admitted into the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police.

Sorry, it's gone!  Too late.  :-)

If you want to finish this story, you'll find The Fool in Fragments.

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