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Monday, 29 October 2012

Lucifer's Stepdaughter...a tease.

Well, less a tease, than some hope.  I know you're all getting very fed up with the delays.  I trully do know that, as you are telling me such.  But I also know you are all being very considerate of the reasons, and just simply need the rest of the story.

I do get it.  I'd quite like it out of my head, as it stands.  :-)

But something nice to tell you.  Whilst Lucifer's is just like Changeling - an epic novel - it has several distinct parts.  Each one is titled for the lead vampire in that section.  Today, I finalised out the sections and where the narrative falls in each section, and I thought I'd let you see them.  actually, I thought you'd like to see them.

So here we go, the six main sections and personalities of Helene's journey to find herself and her fate in the vampire world:

The Book Thief

The Etruscan

The Devil's Whore

The Lord of the Rivers

The Clansman

The Vampire Maker

If you ask here, in the comments, for a wee bit more detail, I may let you have some.  But only here, I'm only saying it once.

There, happier now?  

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