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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Covers A

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  1. I like this tagline, it tells me a specific detail about the book, the rest don't draw me in to be more curious. I haven't read any of the samples, all I know is the very basics, so I'm coming from it from a POV of seeing it on the shelf and what would get me to pick it up and read the back. Being American, we tend to fetishize London, so it's a draw.

    I also prefer the font, and color on this one. For placement, I think taglines B & C are in the perfect spot for them, so I wouldn't move if going with them, if going with this one, I would move the tagline to where C is. But that may be too much text there, so that may take it out of the running. I don't like it in this placement because of the way it's sitting on the 'l' is awkward, and it's like the chin is resting on it.