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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The First Review

Changeling has had its first review.  It comes from Betty Carlton, who writes erotic romance.  Betty doesn't like horror, so I'll let her explain how she came to be reviewing my book!  You can find her blog here, and you can sample her work and buy it, here.

A  review of " The Changeling " by Morgan Gallagher.

I don't read this stuff
I don't read this stuff

Not until I discovered, Morgan Gallagher. I found her on Sample Sunday.*
After opening her blog page I was just about to skip reading when a sentence caught my eye. Then another and another, I read the complete section and now had questions. Why was Joanne hurt, and who would have inflicted such bruises?
I read everything on her blog and could not find the answer. Her release wasn't until April 10th. So when an opportunity to read a pre-release copy of her book came my way I jumped at it.
It took me two sittings to read it. Why two, because I started reading it at 8pm. If I had started earlier, this would have been one of those books you don't put down until the last page and you read that twice not wanting the adventure to be over.
Morgan has mastered the emotional ride. From who cares about a cat. To I hope the cat is, Ok. From silly young woman to cheering her on to survive and onto that's it--show him, show them, show the world.
What can you say about Jonathan Dreyfuss? Miss Gallagher straps us into the roller coaster as she makes you dislike him, understand him, pity him, and then almost hoping for him.
Her ways with words will have you not only seeing the scenes before your eyes, but you will swear you're smelling what she wants you to. Whether the scent of cologne, sweat, blood, (yes blood) and the back streets of London at night, your senses will reel.
Dreyfuss is on the hunt. Joanne becomes his latest victim, then his prisoner. Her will to live will surprise him, and together a long arduous journey begins. He will take everything from her he can, until the day he decides to withhold nothing from her.
Joanne will not go willing in the direction he has set out for her. The day will come when she understands his weakness, and she discovers the inner strength to use it against him. Will she still want to?
Who will win the day? No spoilers here. Release date April 10th .
Check it out at:
Sample Sunday many independent writers offer on their blogs free reading from their latest work. On Sunday many links can be found on Twitter #ss or #samplesunday.

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