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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

New Book - Blurb Help

By the end of this month I'm going to publish my second novel, a collections of short stories called 'Fragments'. Well I say short stories, not quite.  It's two quite long short stories, and a novella.

All three are horror, with the novella being an occult thriller.

Now, this collection like Bedlam Maternity, will be ebook only.  No paperback planned.  So the blurb can be longer than the blurb that is servicing both a paperback, and an ebook. 

But I really like the brevity I was forced into on writing the blurb for 'Changeling'.  It took me weeks to condense  the story and work on presenting it simply, without using cliches and way to many adverbs.  Something you all helped me with.

I think I may have the opposite problem.  I think the following may be too stark:


Three stories to chill the marrow in your bones and make your soul shiver.

Sleet Dreams
Maggie has just enough to get by in the summer.  Winter, and cold and snow, drives her to the edge.  She dreams of being warm all the time, escaping to the south and never touching snow again.  One day she finds a fur coat: the fur coat of her dreams.  No matter how hungry she gets, she knows she’ll never be cold again.  Maggie finds out the hard way to be careful what you wish for...      (11,600 words)
Alma Mater
Alma was a very particular mother.  She raised her very particular child, a very particular way.  She knew the best way to make her child independent, attentive and obedient.  Perhaps she has done her job too well...    (6.850 words)

The Fool   
Maryam Michael is a freelance investigator for the Office of the Congregation of the Arcane.  It’s her role to determine if there is a genuine occult influence in matters that concern the Roman Catholic Church.  Maryam is not happy to be called out of her cosy retreat to attend a murder in London.  She’s even more unhappy to discover that the murdered boy has been bled to death on the altar of a Roman Catholic church... and the main suspect is the parish priest.  And that’s before it gets complicated...      (26,800 words)

Now, all three are dark.  The Fool isn't as dark in tone, but is occult.  I'm not sure I'm getting that through.

What do you think?  Suggestions?  Or am I doing okay here?

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