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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Fragments - Cover Poll

Version A

Version B
Version C

So, which cover do you like best, and why?



  1. A is the best, because it doesn't have the wide stripes at the top and bottom to distract from the gorgeous painting. It's subtle, and that appeals to me.

  2. I like A best because it flows more neatly to my eye drawing my attention to both the name of the book and the artwork. The color blocks on the others seems incongruous with the edges of the artwork.

  3. I like B best. The scarlet bars at the top and bottom will stand out much stronger in a smaller image, such as for an e-book icon. Also, in a print cover, those red bars help to frame the artwork in the middle, working with the red within the artwork itself to make that art POP out at the viewer. The white text also stands out more on a red background.

    But I'm just a former publications designer. What would I know? ;-)

  4. The first one (A)- red text on grey - I find it easier to read the title.