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Saturday, 5 May 2012


Fragments is now available to buy.

As I stated in my last blog post, if you buy direct from my publisher you will get over 5000 words of extra content free.  For Fragments, it's a piece entitled 'Show, Not Tell' and it gives you the original version of the opening of the novella in the collection - The Fool.

The Fool is occult thriller, concerning a murder in a church in London.  In the extra content, you can compare the published version on the story, with the original draft.  It's an illuminating read on how I write - how my initial drafts are stories where I tend to tell the reader what happens, and then I go back and re-work the story to add in more detail and layers, turning it into a 'show' piece - I show the reader how people reacted, not tell them.

Only Osier Publishing has the extra content.  You can click the cover of Fragment on the top right hand column here, or click here.  Osier is via Paypal.

You can also buy Fragments on ebook from Amazon and from Smashwords.

When you buy from Osier, you can choose between a kindle format, an ePub or a PDF.  You do not need a kindle or an ebook reader.

When you click to buy, you'll be asked whcih file type, then taken to paypal.

When you've paid, an email with a link will be sent to you.  When you click the link, you'll go online and the file will download onto your computer.

If you have a kindle, or an ebook reader, and you've bought either a kindle file (mobi) and an ePub file, you move that file over to your kindle/reader.

If you bought the PDF, you can read the file directly on your computer.

It couldn't be simpler.


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