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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Publishing Changes & Extra Content Editions

My publisher has revamped their site, and their name.  Sarah Barnard, who puts up we me admirably, has relaunched under the title Osier Publishing.  Very cool new name, with all sorts of new growth, pagan and mystical connections that I'm very pleased to be a part of.

As part of the re-launch, Osier is now supplying kindle/ebook/PDf downloads of all its titles, directly from the site. 

So both Changeling, and Fragments, will now be available from Osier.  Fragments should be out this week.

In order to make it a really good deal, and to reflect that Osier is selling in-house books, Sarah came up with the idea of  adding Extra Content to the editions bought from Osier.

I thought it was a great idea, and from today, you can buy Changeling direct from Osier, with an extra 5000 plus word document attached.  It's called 'Un-Princing the Dark'.  It contains the first ever page written of Changeling, as well as two long section that never made it into the book.

The new pieces show an older, more traditional view of the vampire/captive dynamic.  Dreyfuss is a wee bit more Dark Prince and Joanne a wee bit more accepting of his various character tricks.  A wee bit.

When you compare these pieces with the final text, you can see how hard I had to work to take the 'Prince' out of Dreyfuss, and just leave the 'Dark'.  It does say a lot about our culture that when you put a powerful madman in front of a young woman, there is an expectation of some level of romance and 'saving' going on.  The Beauty and the Beast.  

Well, I went for pure Beast.  But the excerpts show different paths that were taken earlier on.

There will also be 5000 plus words of extra content in Fragments.  I'll tell you more about that, when we've got it up and running on Osier this week.

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