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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

International Women's Day

You'll find lots of post out in the 'Net today, about International Women's Day.

A lot of it won't be about much, and will just be the meme carrying on through.  But the truth is, the poorest people in the worlds, are women, and they are often raising children who die, or are crippled, from diseases and conditions fixed for a few pence.

Everyone will want you to send money to someone.  I'd like you to consider sending a fiver - be it pounds, dollars, yen or rubles, to Women Against Rape.

These women work hard, and have done for decades, to protect all women, and to help them raise their children in safety.  They don't get much funding, as the word 'rape' makes people back off.  Please don't back off: protect women, protect babies, protect kids.  For instance, the Black Women's Rape Action Project, supports women in asylum centres, who have been raped as a weapon of war, and are being faced with deportation back to where their rapists, usually militia or soldiers, are waiting for their return: they were told to go and never return, when they were raped and beaten, and their family killed.  This support is also practical, and many women seeking refugee status, go there for a meal, and to see if they can get donated clothing for their kids, and shoes for their feet.

Support women, in supporting women.  :-)  And have a good day: happiness is what we all want, need and deserve.  Celebrate women, by giving someone some help, today.

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